Produção de Conteúdo Escrito

We produce quality written content so that you can achieve the previously defined objectives.

Whether it's with the aim of "immediately" generating sales, building lasting relationships, or working on brand awareness, we can help!

  • A good copy helps in raising leads.

  • Weak copy helps drive the user away by nullifying their conversion.

  • Strong copy cannot use words that the community does not understand, it does not need to be 100% formal or too informal.

The question that arises: how to write a copy that converts?

Since there is no “magic formula” that allows us to write copy that converts 100% into lead generation, at Marketing em Si we need to analyze the business, the topics to be addressed, the type of client or potential client with whom we intend to communicate in order to , in this way, we manage to design a communication plan adapted to the unique needs of each project. 

But we don't stop there, we know the importance that SEO techniques have for the positioning of results in search engines (our great friend Google). We are thinking about obtaining the best organic results (which appear over time, for immediate effects Google also offers the possibility of running ads, these being paid results, that is, non-organic and disappearing after the completion of the paid campaign) that we develop all the written content based on the knowledge we acquire through training on SEO. 

Our methodology involves understanding which are the most used search terms, analyzing the competition (which may not be previously identified – hence the importance of analysis according to the best SEO practices), building a report that allows you to subsequently understand the best path to be designed in order to obtain the best results in the long term.