Marketing Department Outsourcing

As an external entity we are specialists in ensuring marketing management in full alignment with your company's goals.

In addition to ensuring marketing management, we also reinforce your company's marketing through collaborating with the existing team. 

Marketing Department Outsourcing – Why?

  • Team of Specialists:

    The team assigned to each project is conducted by a Project Manager specialized in Marketing who, in turn, coordinates a group of professionals specialized in the different aspects essential for the definition and implementation of a strategy that generates results (namely strategic marketing planning, development web, production of written content optimized for generating organic traffic, Google campaigns, email marketing, account based marketing and social networks);

  • Project flow:

    Close proximity work ensured by work sessions scheduled weekly or fortnightly and periodic updates in order to ensure that the client “is part of the team” and is up to date with the set of actions to be carried out;

Advantages of outsourcing marketing department?

  • Increased Competitiveness:

    The client will access qualified professionals, led by a project manager specialized in marketing strategies;

  • Resource Optimization:

    The acquisition of "loose pieces" (content for website, social networks, email marketing, promotional materials, press, events, etc.), in addition hindering the Positioning of the company, increases costs and makes it difficult to focus on obtaining results; Compared to hiring internal staff (direct employees of the company) and also to hiring professionals who develop "loose parts" and who rarely have contact with each other (does the company that developed the website know the company that developed the brand branding?), a marketing department in outsourcing allows the company to make the best use of resources by managing more effectively the budget for marketing; Increased probability of success in the execution of the strategy when compared to individuals with lower qualification/experience;

  • Specialized External Vision

    That will provide the company and the team with an improvement in the processes and their effectiveness based on the vision and knowledge of qualified professionals to define the best solution as a response to the challenges transmitted by the client;

  • Total Focus on the Company Marketing:

    With each element focused on "what is important", the company's marketing "is not forgotten" meeting the challenges to be solved;

  • Access to Tools/Technologies (from the marketing area):

    By opting for the outsourcing of the marketing department, the client will have access to various marketing tools / technologies that will allow to collect information necessary to define the process to be implemented, as well as the automation of it.

Outsourcing Marketing Department Responsibilities?

  • Definition of the most appropriate marketing strategy for the company's objectives, positioning and target da empresa;

  • Select and coordinate the team assigned to the project;

  • Define and manage the implementation of the set of actions;

  • Ensure periodic reporting;

  • Definition of KPIs;

  • Evaluation of the result of the actions against the defined KPIs.

With our personalized follow-up, we outline an adequate strategy
based on the unique needs of your business.