We have a results-focused

Our support is tailor-made, that is, 100% tailored to the needs and expectations of each client. We add an external vision to the organisation that benefits from the accumulated knowledge and experience of our team.

Our services are segmented into different client profiles and needs so that each one can easily identify where they fit in (thus being able to anticipate the impact that our intervention will have on their project).

Our services

Marketing Department Outsourcing

As an external entity we are specialists in ensuring marketing management in full alignment with your company's goals.
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Marketing plans

We deliver and implement a strategic marketing plan with the necessary steps to enhance your business.
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We produce quality written content so that you can achieve the previously defined objectives.
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Flash Consulting

Designed to answer concrete questions and provide expert guidance on decision-making. Our focus is on converting information into outputs.
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We apply a dynamic and customizable methodology, adapted to the needs/rhythm of each one with a comfortable format (online/face-to-face).
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We're not a marketing agency. Therefore, Marketing em Si identifies the best partners to satisfy the needs of each company with a focus on business growth.
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Case Studies

Find out how Marketing em Si has already contributed to the growth of its costumers in different areas of activity.
Cases where we mark the difference

Where We Make the Difference

We specialize in working with business clients (B2B) - liberal professionals, entrepreneurs, micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who want to launch or reposition their business, publicize a product/service or attract more and (above all) better customers.

How do we act?


The first step is to get to know the people, the business and the main motivations. To do so, we schedule a free preliminary session.

Elaboration of the Proposal

After collecting information, we design an action plan adapted to reality and taking into account the specific objectives to be achieved.

Working Sessions

After awarding the proposed plan, we apply a personalized methodology to each client through synchronous work sessions in a comfortable format (online/face-to-face)

What is the result of our work methodology?

A detailed action plan that is ambitious, realistic and, most importantly, designed taking into account the objectives and characteristics that are so unique to each company.


Right now!

Get in touch with us, we love new challenges and we believe that all businesses should be analyzed in terms of strategic marketing for their success.