Who We Are

  • Marketing em Si isn´t a marketing agency.

  • We are strategic marketing consultants, our inspiration comes from the ambition to want to help other businesses grow. We are the partner that will analyze your business and that, in full alignment and in constant communication, will design and guide the implementation of the ideal strategy to maximize the best results.

  • Marketing em Si takes over the marketing management of companies, thus allowing greater convenience for our costumers when they have to contact a single interlocutor.





  • We believe that a better world is built through the sum of "value moments"! Marketing em Si takes over the marketing management of companies – regardless of their size –, thus allowing access to the most promising marketing tools – used by successful organizations – for the convenience of our customers when contacting a single interlocutor. único interlocutor.

  • We do what we like: Help any business grow!

  • We have a qualified team that adds more than a decade of experience and that, in 2019, decided to create Marketing em Si, materializing that same market experience.

What defines us

With a solid theoretical preparation and an effective knowledge of the business core, our approach is unique as we meet the entrepreneur, apply the marketingemsi matrix in order to assess their real needs/expectations and then jointly prepare the most appropriate approach to the market.


A better world is made from the sum of "value moments". We create and deliver value, which is why we are committed to being recognized as a reference in marketing management consulting in Portuguese, English and Spanish markets.


Help companies and organizations improve their business, through the strategic application of a set of marketing actions, planned to achieve the previously defined results.


Empathy (really in the customer's place)
Method (systematised experience and knowledge)
Tuning (shared vision)
Immersion (in the client's universe)

Marketing em Si Team

Hugo Gonçalves

Founder of Marketing em si

It was the year 2019 when Hugo decided it was time to fulfill his dream of starting a company from scratch. It was spontaneously (or not so) that Marketing em Si, a strategic marketing consultant, was created over more than 15 years of experience in marketing management with a total focus on strategic business development between companies (B2B).

It is shared between Marketing and Management (but we won't talk about it, maybe just mention that it had the opportunity to work with multinational companies in Portugal and Spain). Three years later you feel that the marathon is just beginning (and still) and that the horizon is increasingly visible (even if sometimes you're still looking for it)!

He believes that with each passing year (without worrying too much about continuing to count the years) Marketing in Si will gain its independence (this moment that he still doesn't know will increase the amount of problems because the company starts to make its own decisions) and, in turn, the dream will no longer be commanded by the dreamer.

Daniela Rebelo


For Daniela, the data guides decisions (not only the data of the board games but the mathematical calculations), but they need strategy and creativity to support them, only in this way can it enhance the best results to make the business and ideas flow.

She started her professional career in our company (bringing an extensive experience of previous positions that by confidentiality can´t refer) and day after day analyzes different business areas to design and direct the implementation of the ideal strategy to maximize results.

There are several plans that have for the future (in addition to wanting to prove that it is possible to "go around the world in 80 days", we focus on professional goals), but as the herself indicates "more important than dreaming big is to keep a foot on the ground and make the most of each moment, making the most of the experiences that are provided”.

Our experience at the service of your objectives

In which areas do we operate?

The Marketing em Si's relationship with its clients is based on trust and confidentiality. It is with great respect for these fundamentals that we will now refer to some sectors where we have developed national and international projects.