The art of influencing.

Developing corporate awareness is an extremely complex challenge but it can translate into considerable gains in the medium/long term.


Achieving a greater connection with the customer, allowing, among other factors, that the customer remembers previous interactions with the brand (familiarity), thus increasing their confidence and consequently their predisposition to choose it at the time of purchase, is one of the purposes of working on awareness.

In this way, it is crucial to reach the interlocutor with a coherent and consistent narrative over time, using clear language, regardless of whether the message is aimed at the consumer, employees, the community in general or the press.

As part of the good practices used to increase a brand's notoriety, public relations have taken on a reference role. Over the last few years they have become less based on the intermediary (press) and are increasingly based on a concerted communication plan in which the company creates and nurtures a direct and close relationship with the client (which is also a fantastic opportunity to receive valuable information from the market).

Through a strong presence on the Internet, based also on social networks, companies now have access to a permanently online audience, eager for content, novelty and which can ideally become brand ambassadors for their "tribe".

This type of informal recommendation coming from people we know (how many times have we researched a product or service because we know a friend has used it and liked it...) and that, in principle, have no hidden interest, is highly valued by brands that understand the results this type of "suggestion" can bring.

Whether through traditional press releases or more direct channels, the importance of a good PR strategy is undeniable - it is a unique tool to exert (in a more or less obvious way) influence and truly impact a brand's reputation!

Article about the importance of "Public Relations" and the advantages of "exercising" them through different channels.
Published in September 2019 (Odivelas Notícias).

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