Visual identity and personal branding in business communication

By: Adelaide Nunes - Fashion Consultant

Creating a visual identity or building communication strategies capable of influencing others and creating external visual codes, is crucial to have an Image that communicates, without verbalising a single word. The Impression that others create in us depends on the first few seconds, in a total and global RX.

In companies, brands and businesses, there are many factors that directly or indirectly make a difference, in decoding the parameters that stimulate everything we see. It is important , follow the idea that you should dress for success and for function that you want to obtain or achieve and it is very common we create stereotypes of professions by the way we present ourselves.

Don't hesitate to create the wardrobe that suits your style, your personality and of course the job you do, and don't lose sight of the promotion you have designed as it is essential to leave a memorable and positive personal mark.

To this end, there are teams specialised in Image Consulting and Personal Branding who carry out a whole plan that includes reorganising and sorting their wardrobe. They remove the pieces that don't fit, those that are out of fashion or outdated and create looks for work and leisure. It is important that you review the following:

What makes up your image?

Here you will need to place factors such as visual/non-verbal language, gestures, tone of voice, gait, how you move and the way you sit.

How do you see yourself? | how are you seen? | how do you want to be seen?

Research indicates that it only takes 30 seconds to form a first impression of someone, where 55% is based on how they look 38% on how they speak and gesture and only 7% on what they say.

In this short space of time, qualities such as personality, background, mood, level of sophistication and self-confidence are analysed.

It may even seem that image is a passive concept, which exists only in the mind of our interlocutor or of the other person and that it does not depend on us. However, image is the fruit of our actions and, precisely because of this, it can and should be managed in such a way as to have an impact (which may result in a negative or positive impact).

The first step in choosing what to wear is define the image you wish to project.

Beware! We don't mean trying to dress like someone you're not: that would be discovered in a few seconds! Think about the qualities and personal values that set you apart.

By ADELAIDE NUNES – Fashion Consultant for Vanilla Dynasty

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