The "customer pains".

- So, how's that health?

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The importance of a good and timely diagnosis, carried out by a qualified and experienced healthcare professional is undeniable and, sometimes, it is the difference between success and failure of the treatment applied to the patient.

The analogy may seem excessive when talking about marketing (and we are obviously very far from feeling like doctors), however that is exactly what is happening: by resorting to an "outside look" and the best diagnostic practices already successfully used by other organisations, the chances of success in the definition and implementation of a marketing strategy increase exponentially.

- Look Doctor, I'm the same...

Before defining the way forward, companies need to be very clear about their destination.

"Sell more" or "Start exporting" will only be vain intentions as they do not respect the premise that only by being specific, measurable, achievable and realistic (SMART) are objectives effectively the beacon that the organisation needs to be successful.

While it seems obvious that the objectives of each department must necessarily be aligned with the purpose of the organisation, it cannot be emphasised enough that some lack of harmony and/or interdepartmental competition for leadership and/or budget, are factors that occur frequently and increase the probability of failure.

- If you do what I recommend you will feel better!

Taking into account all the considerations made, we will now list some good examples of marketing objectives that can be easily understood by all and therefore trigger a real and fruitful mobilisation:

  • During the first quarter of 2021 we will increase turnover by 10% in our three largest customers;
  • In January 2021 we will get 100 new followers on our Facebook page;
  • In March 2021 we will take part in a professional trade fair in Barcelona in order to increase our turnover in Catalunha by 25% compared to 2020;

Depending on the purpose at hand, we may choose one option or another, we may get it right or even get it wrong but we will certainly be working with focus in the desired direction.

- Okay, Doctor. Let's do it!

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Having the patient motivated and collaborative is decisive for the healing process because only in this way will he be available to comply with the treatment and make changes in his own behaviour, the same principle applies in the business context... becoming aware of the advantages of an opinion from outside the organisation is only the first step, then there are several stages that, benefiting from the collaboration of the whole team involved, will shorten the distance to the goal. It is therefore an exercise in attention and empathy, without which all planning will have great chances of not getting off the ground!

And you, has anyone ever asked you how you have been feeling lately?

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